Arc By The Sea

“Migdal” apartments and boutique hotel, known as “Home of the Arches”. A contemporary icon of Tel Aviv, part of a sweeping urban renewal in Tel Aviv, this project represents a synergy of old and new, past and future, sea and city, intimacy and luxury.

Arc by the Sea combines a historic building that has been restored beautifully, with a small and exclusive tower that provides a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and just a few meters from the beach.

Initiator: Acropolis‬‬, Architects: Gidi Bar-Orian‬‬, ‫‪Interior: Alex Meitlis, ‫‪Preservation: Amnon Bar-Or‬‬ Architects

The goal of the branding project was to transform the project to be an icon of Tel Aviv. It was important that we reach audiences of whom modern luxury towers don’t normally appeal to.

All materials were sculpted with a clean, classic typography and fonts – timeless classics. A general sense of minimalism, so that in each image the viewer feels as if he is “floating” in the structure on his own. None of the photographs have pictures of characters or people or classic images of Tel Aviv’s bustling imagery. On the contrary, only carefully arranged shots of the interior of an apartment and the monumental view which is open to the sea. All these give the viewer a sense of the quiet bubble he lives in and total relaxation in the heart of a big city. The building is like a capsule – the whole world, cut off from the noisy surroundings. The building and the sea together tell the whole story. We wanted to give the architecture and preservation representation so that the delicate tango created between them would be very apparent.

Renoma Hotel – signage