Business campus
Park Ha’Mada Nes-Ziyona

Yuvalim – Business Campus is the first entrepreneurial project of its kind in the area, and the only one that offers you both a business and a real estate opportunity in the Science Park, one of the most respected and well-known business district in Gosh Dan.

Yuvalim Campus was designed and built with a view of tomorrow’s work environment, designed to give users a new kind of experience. In the most sought after location of the Science Park, is located the campus that will change everything you knew about working, and the work environment in general.

Initiator: Yuvalim Group

The marketing kit was created in order to emphasize that it’s an entrepreneurial project┬áto purchase offices from 50 meters. And to present the design and operational concept of the campus. The project is built around a lively patio, thanks to a business mix on the ground floor and built with meticulous and innovative design for this area.