Shenkar Neighborhood,
Ramat Gan
Marketing Kit

Enjoy all the world has to offer, broaden your horizons – that is when you will experience total freedom. The project at 4-6 Anne Frank Street invites you to indulge yourself in nature and devote yourself to the city. Start your day by enjoying a refreshing breeze under the treetops, and then pick up a strong espresso along the busy boulevards of Tel Aviv. Start each evening with a relaxing walk through the green neighborhood, and end it by admiring a spectacular sunset from your balcony, the Tel Aviv skyline lighting up before your eyes. Relax in a hammock, catch up with friends in a bar, enjoy a fine meal in a gourmet restaurant – you’ll feel free as a bird. whether in nature or the city, you will always find yourself in the perfect place.

Initiator: Bachar Group