The David Promenade Residences

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On the Promenade by the Sea. The Tel Aviv promenade is one of those rare places where the scenery is always changing. Only in a location as magical as this, where chef restaurants sit alongside relaxed cafés, and the whoops of excitement from water sports and beach volleyball blend into murmurs of appreciation for more sedate cultural events, could such a new and unique residential project be launched. The David Promenade Residences.

Taking full advantage of its prime location in the heart of the Tel Aviv promenade, the David Promenade Residences offers its residents the opportunity to admire the most beautiful scenery in the world from their own homes. The building is located on the waterfront between the world renowned Hilton and David InterContinental hotels, and offers convenient access to the Tel Aviv city center both by foot and by car.

Initiator: Henry Taic, Kampinsky Hotels, Architect: Feigin Architects, Interior: ARA

The beginning stages of the branding process began with the research, which displays the project as a flawless, perfect piece, without any weak spots. The location is its primary asset since the glass building reflects the water from the ocean and was designed architecturally to merge with the adjacent waterfront. The hotel belongs to the Kampinski franchise so that the design was direct without any graphic gimmicks. The building sends a precise presentation for the potential buyer. The logo “dp” has been designed as if from an aerial view of the two buildings, with slightly clear, geometric shapes as to coincide with the ocean view.

David Promenade Residences is an immaculately designed 28-storey building that sets new standards of prestige in Tel Aviv. The penthouses offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea from every apartment and blend harmoniously into its Mediterranean surroundings. These luxurious properties in their unrivaled location, their unique design, and ever changing stunning views will belong to those fortunate few owners who know how to discern unique opportunities when they meet them.