Digital Art Incubator
Promoting Young Israeli Artists,
Royal Beach Tel-Aviv,
Isrotel Exclusive Collection

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DigiArt is an exceptional, groundbreaking initiative of the Royal Beach Tel Aviv Hotel, to promote young Israeli artists. DigiArt– The digital art incubator is a state of the art addition to the Isrotel chain’s range of activities that aims at advancing Israeli culture and art.

The branding includes the design of the logo and design language, production of printed catalog, designing the website, signage throughout the exhibition and a digital sign in the lobby as well as promotional material for exhibitions and events.

Initiator: Oranim Projects, Curator: Sharon Toval

After a meticulous examination process, Digiart’s professional selection committee, which included project curator Sharon Toval, Digiart’s initiator Shira Oren-Nahmias and hotel designer Harold Klein, decided upon 18 uniquely talented artists, all of whom are recent graduates of Israel’s leading academic institutions. The hotel was transformed into a gallery, showcasing 600 digital artworks.

DigiArt, the Israeli digital art project, aims at promoting young Israeli artists working in digital media, such as photography, video, animation, and more. It aspires to expose these artists’ works both to the local and the international artistic discourse, while also contributing to the community and the culture of Israel.