Enrique Rottenberg
Photograph Books:
Dormir con…
Cuatro Estaciones
El Doble

The photographic work of Enrique Rottenberg may be considered as controversial, and therefore the reason for the attraction that it causes, whether it be of allure or tension, laughter or pain, surprise or rejection, beauty and horror. Yet, everything that seems obvious and familiar becomes paradoxical and borderline absurd. Rottenberg’s photography tries to represent timeless and motionless scenes, stunned characters, and frozen stories, as if each and every one of them were shocked suddenly, while remaining irremediably suspended.

Cuatro Estaciones: Four stations depicting different stages in the artist׳s work – different series dealing with identity. This work depicts the relationship between the public domain and the private one from the unique viewpoint of the artist; a western, white, capitalist man who fell in love with Cuba and moved there.

El Doble: A catalogue of the joint work of Enrique Rottenberg and “The double” Carlos Quintana. The works of the painter Carlos Quintana cover the photographs of Enrique Rottenberg: ‫״‬what does the double want from me? – such insistence, with that nasty breath and strangely familiar puffs, those shadows on the steps, on the paintings, on the pages of my thoughts‫״

Dormir con…: “Sleeping with…” is a photographic visit to the most private space of each home – the bedroom. This series of photographs, taken from homes across the island of Cuba, sits on the very fine edge between the fields of documentary and artistic photography. It consists both of the recording of a specific reality and the communication of the artistic vision of the photographer leaving the viewer with an uncomfortable intrusion.