The Farkash Gallery
Catalogs & Books

The Farkash Gallery was founded in 1948, and has since been busy collection, documenting and exhibiting Israeli and international art. They hold a collection of rare original Israeli posters since they were first made in various topics including Military, Tourism, Advertisements and Israeli movies.

Initiator: Aharon Farkash

Politically Correct – The Fantasy Land of Aharon Farkash Catalog

May 1st – The Right To Shout

A catalog of a huge collection of posters that were first printed in 1920 – 1980 in the state of Israel.

Srulik Loud & Clear Catalog

Srulik was the lead character in a humorous comic strip created by Dosh. He became a kind of ‘Israeli Jewish Superman’, able to make changes. He represents Israel as we once were and as we can be.