Beit B’Gefen, Ramat Gan
by Krinsky Gotlib

Visual identity for Beit B’Gefen, a real estate project by Krinsky Gotlib. Imagine where you’ll be in two years‭: ‬Arriving‭ ‬at the Abba Hillel station and making your way to‭ ‬the bustling streets at the heart of Ramat Gan‭. ‬A‭ ‬few more steps and you’re in a quiet‭, ‬long‭-‬established neighbourhood‭, ‬passing families coming home from nearby Yarkon Park‭, ‬children cycling to their Scouts meet‭, ‬toddlers laughing in the‭ ‬playgrounds‮…‬‭ ‬Everything you love is waiting for you here‭, ‬at‭ ‬Beit B’Gefen‭.