Hashoftim 64, Ramat Hasharon

Every apartment which you will pick in the project at Hashoftim 64 is expected to give you an exclusive residential living experience combining quality, comfort and an immeasurable beauty‬‬. Open pathways and inner courtyards connect the residential units to create a kind of “villa community”‘ giving way to maximum privacy with inner yards/wide rooftops – all comprising 12 unique and spacious residential units. For every four apartments there is a separate system of movement of the elevator and an open staircase.

Initiator: Bahari, Architect: Gidi Bar-Orian

A marketing package designed in a newspaper tabloid, large-format magazine: The news – Ramat Hasharon as you never knew it. The marketing concept was to take two interior designers who will simultaneously design the same apartment and will put forward two offers with contrasting styles, modern versus classical. Each part of the paper introduced the planning and design possibilities inherent in each apartment. What kind of life do you want? Modern or classic?