Mamilla Hotel,

MAMILLA LIFESTYLE LUXURY – Found in the heart of Jerusalem alongside the Old City walls, the Tower of David, and Jaffa Gate this boutique luxury hotel is part of an ancient historical complex exhibiting a rich cultural heritage while incorporating the modern bustle of Jerusalem’s daily life. Dating back to King Herod and the Second Temple, holding importance during the Ottoman Empire and even having Theodore Herzl visiting in one of the structures, Mamilla has been through cornerstones in history, including the Six Day War. This stretch of beautiful architecture, that connects the old and new, features an array of high-end shops, cafes and restaurants that offer an unforgettable experience.

Initiator: Alrov

The goal for us in designing the catalogue was to present the architectural creation and position of the hotel as one of the most amazing hotel designs of the world. The design of the catalogue is minimalist so that it doesn’t compete with the architectural photographs and details of the project.