Merkaz Baaley Melacha 13, Tel Aviv

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At the heart of the city, between the small streets twisting from Rothschild Boulevard and Shenkin Garden, there’s a breathtakingly beautiful Tel Aviv gem. In one of the unique structures built in the 1920s, characterized by its eclectic architectural style, awaits one of the rarest preservation projects in the city: 13 Baalei Melacha, a 5 story luxury building with magical 2 and 3 room apartments, enchanting garden apartments and a penthouse, combine the historical magic of the old days with the comfort and luxury of today giving way to uncompromising quality and the highest level of finish.

Initiator: Almi, Architects: Mester-Gal

Art Direction Basman/Tenenbaum |  Video Eran May-Raz, Meir Biton

In the branding of the conserved building on Merkaz Baalei Melacha Street, we made use of the history of the construction of the building in Tel Aviv and its location in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Many materials (documents, plans, maps, photographs, manuscripts and even handwritten pieces from the residents) were collected from archives and construction files from the Tel Aviv Municipality building and were incorporated in their entirety: The client buys a piece of history and becomes an active collector of Tel Aviv’s extensive heritage. The logo was revived from a hand drawn typography of one of the original documents found during the preservation project.