Ram Engineering and the Mograbi-Arditi Group joined forces with the purpose of allowing property owners to enjoy the synergy of a multidisciplinary real estate experience, which began during the earliest days of Tel Aviv. Since 1919, with the construction of the Mograbi Theater and other iconic buildings throughout the White City, they have played an essential role in shaping Tel Aviv as a vibrant cultural center, one that symbolizes and inspires constant renewal. They do this by constructing luxurious residential buildings, renovating the city’s wonderful streets, and participating in a flagship project that will completely change the face of the city – the Light Rail.

Initiator: Ram Mograbi-Ardit, Site Development: RapidUi

The goal of this project was to create a unique identity for the latest projects in Tel Aviv marketed by Ram Mograbi-Arditi while reflecting the company’s identity. We designed three books, one for each project, presenting the architecture, the location and the apartments.

The websites were designed to be simple and informative, presenting the apartments, the location and the architectural plans for the marketed apartments available for sale.