S. Horowitz Offices, Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv

S. Horowitz Offices, 31 Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv. Connected by three historical buildings in an eclectic, big, glass box style. The architects Miriam Mayman and Bruria Shaked-Okon were in the architectural planning in order to accustom the needs to the preservation.

The inspiration for the design of the signage in the project was taken from the element – “Hamenchelach” the little men –”Mench” in Yiddish – a man. Anyone walking through the streets of the historic city can still meet those little men on the doorpost, pointed either upwards or downwards, allowing the visitor to know if they can enter the room. Some have two people – one man and one woman. There are about a hundred and fifty types of menchelach around the world, and in Israel there are about twenty-five different types of both models of animals some being realistic and some fantasy. After selecting the corresponding figures we casted them as they have been casted in the past. This casting method is an element which connects everything to the signage in the project.