Saliah Rothschild

It is rare in our times to find a genuine contracting company whose owners still remember the feel of concrete‭. ‬This is precisely the story of the Saliah Rothschild Group‭, ‬founded by Joseph Saliah and Yair Rothschild‭. ‬Since inception‭, ‬Saliah and Rothschild‭ ‬have believed in excellence alongside hard work and have personally played a hands-on role in building after building‭. ‬Armed with values of diligence‭, ‬fairness‭, ‬and integrity‭, ‬Saliah Rothschild pays meticulous adherence to quality of work and attention to‭ ‬details while taking full responsibility for whatever happens on site‭. ‬Despite its size and strength‭, ‬the Saliah Rothschild Group is still a family firm‭ – ‬personal‭, ‬human‭, ‬and modest‭. ‬

Initiator: Saliah Rothschild‭