Urban Masterpiece
Loui Marshall 30

The Masterpiece –a subsidiary product of Almi Group, a hallmark of quality in Tel Aviv, Louis Marshall is first in the series of masterpieces. When you say “Masterpiece”, it creates a promise of excellent quality and location, a small building without commercial areas, a premium product, a small number of apartments and ensuring attention to the smallest details.‬

Initiator: ALMI‬‬; ‫‪Architect: Mester-Gal

URBAN MASTERPIECE: What makes a work a masterpiece‬‬? It must be groundbreaking in its field, reflect the zeitgeist but‬‬ ‫‪also cross the bounds of time. It must be stimulating, attract looks, be engraved in memory, be an icon, one that provokes inspiration, envy, or both, which brings together talent, genius and passion, whether it is a piece of art, a culinary creation, a musical or architectural piece, it does not have to be perfect, but whoever experiences it at the time, will feel complete. The house across from the conservatory, a masterpiece.

The house across from the conservatory was designed under the conduction of architect Daniel Mester who provided it with his unique signature. His design vision is reflected in every aspect, from the external building to the last detail in the apartment. The project includes 12 breathtaking apartments, some of them sprawl over an entire floor, spacious and drenched in light, planned to the smallest detail out of an aspiration to provide their residents a complete and perfect living experience. Their windows overlook lower houses immersed in greenery, and the conservatory building and the beautiful garden in its front. Each apartment also enjoys private parking and a premium specifications finish in an exceptional standard which characterizes the Almi Group’s projects repertoire.