Y.B Nir

Rebranding for Y.B.Nir (Logo redesign based on existing logo)

“For over 3 decades at Y.B.Nir, we have been building the most important thing in your life: your home. Every morning, when we wake up to another day of fruitful real estate activity and at the end of each day, when we return to our private four walls, one thing stands before our eyes: the families and people who live in the homes we build, and those who will live in them in the future. It all starts at the initiation stage, identifying locations and quality transactions with the highest potential, continuing forward to creating the unique vision of the project, going on to the planning stage with the best architects and designers in the field, from there to the implementation stage where the planning is realized down to the last detail, and lasting for many years after the handover to the last residents. At each of these stages, in every decision we make, we put ourselves in the shoes of the residents who will live in the project, and work to serve their living experience over the years in the best possible way. We won’t compromise on any detail along the way until both we and the residents are completely satisfied with our product, from the external envelope of the building down to the last percentage in the apartment.”