Tel Aviv

Lenox Nachmani is located on the discreet Nachmani street, steps away from the prestigious Rothschild Boulevard and adjacent to the Norman Hotel. It is in the heart of Tel-Aviv’s historic “White City” which is the city’s cultural, artistic and business center where one can find the most elegant dining spots and art galleries.

The building is a designated historic landmark under UNESCO World Heritage to which the architects have added an ultra-modern Bauhaus adjunction. The historic landmark building was designed by the famous Tel-Aviv Architect Joseph Berlin in 1924 and will be restored to it’s original majestic glamour with its classic colonial facade. The first water tower of Tel Aviv received landmark designation as well, and is situated on the plot, adjacent to the project.

The project is designed by the world renowned architect Reda Amalou and Israeli architects Amnon Bar Or & Barre Levie Architects

We have created a marketing package combining a booklet presenting the project and an accurate restoration folder of engineering files found in municipal archives from 1924. The file contains original letters of the architect of the building and water tower as well as aerial photographs and maps from those years.

The booklet presents the renovated project and plans of the apartments and continues the story of the building. The current purchaser buys a piece of history and becomes a part of the UNESCO heritage.